HIPS modified with CNTs

  • CNTs Content: 10-20wt%
  • Application: improving material properties,
  • Such as strength,
  • Lubrication,
  • Electric conduction / heat conduction.
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Product Overview

Hiyka introduces a cutting-edge composite material: High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) Modified with Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs). This innovative material combines the ease of processing and durability of HIPS with the superior strength, conductivity, and thermal stability provided by CNTs. Designed for a wide array of applications, our HIPS modified with CNTs sets new standards in material performance, offering enhanced properties over traditional HIPS for industries ranging from electronics to automotive and beyond.

Key factor

  • Enhanced Mechanical Strength: The incorporation of CNTs significantly increases the tensile strength and impact resistance of HIPS, making it ideal for demanding applications.
  • Improved Electrical Conductivity: With CNTs, HIPS gains electrical conductivity, expanding its use in electrostatic discharge (ESD) protective components and conductive parts.
  • Increased Thermal Stability: This composite material exhibits higher thermal stability, making it suitable for applications with elevated temperature requirements.
  • Superior Durability: The addition of CNTs enhances the durability and longevity of HIPS, offering better resistance to wear and environmental factors.


  • Electronics Housing and Components: Ideal for creating durable, conductive casings for electronic devices, offering protection against ESD.
  • Automotive Parts: Suitable for manufacturing lightweight, strong automotive components that require enhanced mechanical properties and thermal stability.
  • Packaging Solutions: Provides improved packaging materials that offer better protection and durability for sensitive and high-value items.
  • Consumer Products: Enhances the performance and lifespan of consumer goods, from toys to household appliances, with its superior material properties.


  • Performance Improvement: Delivers a significant enhancement in strength, conductivity, and thermal performance, enabling the development of advanced products.
  • Material Efficiency: Reduces the need for secondary processes or additional materials to achieve desired properties, streamlining production and reducing costs.
  • Innovative Solutions: Enables new product designs and applications by combining the beneficial properties of HIPS and CNTs in one material.


With Hiyka's HIPS Modified with CNTs, step into the future of material science, where durability meets innovation. Our advanced composite material is designed to support the most demanding applications, offering unmatched durability, conductivity, and versatility. Whether you're enhancing electronic devices, developing automotive components, or creating consumer products, our HIPS modified with CNTs provides the foundation for innovation and excellence.

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