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Latex beads Size 1 (ca. 0.25 micron) -PS- Size 1- blank


PS – Size 1 – blank

Polystyrene spherical monodisperse latex microparticles.

Size range:1
Diameter:0,254 µm
CV:< 5%
Surface modification:not modified
Fluorescence:not fluorescent
Concentration:5 wt.%


Provided in a glass flask with a screw-cap w. rubber/PTFE septum.

Available in : 5 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml.

Product Overview

Hiyka presents our premium Latex Beads Size 1 ca. 0.25 Micron, meticulously engineered to meet the demanding requirements of scientific research and industrial applications. These high-quality, uniform beads are designed for precision, offering unparalleled consistency and reliability. Ideal for a myriad of applications, our latex beads set the benchmark for excellence in diagnostics, research, and material science.

Key factor

Ultra-Precise Size Distribution: Our Latex Beads boast a nominal diameter of approximately 0.25 microns, ensuring extraordinary uniformity and consistency in size for reproducible results.

Superior Quality and Purity: Produced through advanced manufacturing processes, these beads are of the highest purity, minimizing background noise in sensitive applications.

Versatile Application Compatibility: With their stable chemical composition, our Latex Beads are compatible with a wide range of experimental conditions and applications.


Biomedical Research: Essential for immunoassays, flow cytometry, and cell sorting applications, where precision and reliability are paramount.

Material Science: Act as model systems for studying colloidal dynamics, particle interactions, and the development of advanced materials.

Calibration Standards: Serve as accurate standards for particle size analysis and instrument calibration, ensuring scientific precision.

Drug Delivery Research: Utilized in the development of novel drug delivery systems, offering potential for targeted therapy applications


The beads' size uniformity ensures consistent performance across diverse applications, crucial for experiments where precision is paramount.

The surface of these latex beads can be easily modified or functionalized to attach biomolecules, enabling their use in targeted drug delivery, diagnostics, and biomarker detection, among other biomedical applications.

From biomedical research, including immunoassays and cell sorting, to material science and calibration standards, the beads' versatility extends across multiple scientific and industrial fields.


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