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Latex beads Size 3 (ca. 1 micron) -MF- Size 3- blank


PS – Size 3 – blank

Polystyrene spherical monodisperse latex microparticles.

Size range:3
Diameter:0,749 µm
CV:< 5%
Surface modification:not modified
Fluorescence:not fluorescent
Concentration:5 wt.%


Provided in a glass flask with a screw-cap w. rubber/PTFE septum.

Available in : 5 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml

Product Overview

Hiyka's MF Latex Beads Size 3, approximately 1 micron in diameter, are engineered to perfection to meet the demanding requirements of scientific research, diagnostics, and high-tech industrial applications. These high-quality, blank melamine formaldehyde beads offer unparalleled uniformity, stability, and functionality, making them the ideal choice for a wide array of sophisticated applications where precision is paramount.

Key factor

Uniform Size Distribution: Our MF Latex Beads are characterized by their exceptional size uniformity, ensuring consistent performance across all applications.

High Stability: Designed to maintain their integrity and performance under a wide range of environmental conditions, these beads are suitable for rigorous scientific experiments and industrial processes.

Optimal Surface Characteristics: The blank surface of these beads provides an ideal canvas for a variety of surface modifications, including coating or functionalization, to meet specific application needs.


Biomedical Research: Ideal for use in cell labeling, flow cytometry, and as markers or carriers in drug delivery systems.

Diagnostics: Enhance the performance of diagnostic assays, including immunoassays and molecular diagnostics, with these highly functional beads.

Material Science: Serve as a model system for studying the behavior of microspheres in composites and coatings, contributing to the development of innovative materials.

Quality Control & Calibration: Utilized as standards for instrument calibration and process validation, ensuring accuracy and precision in scientific measurements and industrial production.


Clear Visibility: With a size of approximately 1 micron, these beads are easily detectable under standard microscopy techniques, facilitating their use in imaging studies, tracking experiments, and analytical assays.

Sustainability Considerations: Advances in the production and application of MF latex beads are increasingly considering environmental impact, with efforts to ensure that these beads are produced and used in an environmentally responsible manner.

Wide Range of Uses: From serving as carriers in drug delivery systems to acting as standards in particle sizing and calibration, the applications for MF latex beads are broad and varied, extending across multiple scientific and industrial fields.

Robust Performance: MF beads exhibit excellent stability under diverse environmental conditions, including changes in pH, temperature, and solvent composition, ensuring their integrity and functionality in both research settings and real-world applications.


At Hiyka, we are committed to driving scientific and industrial progress with our high-quality nanomaterials. Our MF Latex Beads Size 3 ca. 1 Micron embody this dedication, providing researchers and professionals with a reliable, high-performance tool for their most demanding applications. Trust Hiyka for materials that not only meet but exceed the highest standards of quality and performance.

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