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Latex beads Size 4 (ca. 2 micron) -PMMA- Size 4- blank


PMMA – Size 4 – blank

PMMA spherical monodisperse latex microparticles.

Size range:4
Diameter:2,136 µm
CV< 5%
Surface modification:not modified
Fluorescence:not labeled
Concentration:5 wt.%


Provided in a glass flask with a screw-cap w. rubber/PTFE septum.

Available in : 5 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml


Product Overview

Hiyka's PMMA Latex Beads Size 4 ca. 2 Micron, blank, are at the forefront of microsphere technology, offering unparalleled precision and adaptability for a wide range of scientific and industrial applications. Made from high-quality Polymethylmethacrylate, these beads combine the robustness of PMMA with the versatility required for detailed research and development projects. Ideal for those who need a reliable base material for custom functionalization, these beads provide a solid foundation for innovation.

Key factor

High Uniformity: With a consistent size of approximately 2 microns, these beads ensure uniform behavior in suspensions and across experimental conditions.

Blank Surface: Ready for customization, the blank surface allows for the conjugation of a variety of molecules, including proteins, antibodies, or chemical groups, making them highly versatile for research purposes.

Chemical Stability: PMMA offers excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, ensuring the beads maintain their integrity in diverse experimental setups.

Optical Clarity: The inherent clarity of PMMA enhances visibility under microscopy, facilitating detailed analysis and observation in studies requiring precise bead tracking.


Biomolecular Binding Studies: Ideal for attaching specific ligands or antibodies for targeted interaction studies in cellular biology or biochemistry.

Drug Delivery Research: The customizable surface makes these beads perfect candidates for exploring novel drug delivery mechanisms, including targeted therapy approaches.

Material Science: Serve as model particles in the development of new composite materials, providing insights into particle dispersion and material properties.

Diagnostics Development: Can be functionalized with specific biomarkers for use in diagnostic assays, enhancing the sensitivity and specificity of tests.

Quality Control & Calibration: Utilized as standards for calibrating analytical instruments and methodologies, ensuring accuracy and reliability in measurements.


Consistent Experimental Results: Their uniform size ensures that experimental variables are minimized, leading to more reliable and reproducible results across a variety of applications.

Customization for Targeted Applications: The blank surface of these beads can be easily modified to attach specific biomolecules, dyes, or chemical groups, allowing for tailored applications in biomedical research, diagnostics, and beyond.

Resilient in Varied Environments: PMMA is known for its excellent resistance to a wide array of chemicals, making these beads suitable for use in environments where other materials might degrade or react adversely.

Enhanced Visibility for Microscopic Analysis: The clarity of PMMA facilitates easy observation under microscopy, crucial for applications requiring precise bead tracking and identification.

Safe for Biological Applications: Given their biocompatibility, these beads are appropriate for use in various biomedical and diagnostic applications, posing minimal risk to biological systems.

Economical for Large-Scale Use: Their production process and material efficiency make these beads a cost-effective option for research and development projects requiring high volumes of microspheres.


Our PMMA Latex Beads Size 4 ca. 2 Micron are produced with precision and care, ensuring the highest quality for our customers. Hiyka is dedicated to supporting the scientific community and industries with materials that push the boundaries of research and development. Choose Hiyka for materials that not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations in performance and versatility.

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