Nano silicon dioxide powder for coating (Nano SiO2)

Nano silicon dioxide powder for coating (nano SiO2)  added to the coating can improve the scrubbing resistance, strength and hardness of the coatings. Adding a small amount of nanometer silicon dioxide (RN-HF-SP30T) into the coating, the anti-ultraviolet aging test performance of the coating can be improved from 250 h to more than 600 h, the abrasion resistance can be improved more than 10 times, the drying time can be greatly reduced, and the problems of poor suspension stability, poor thixotropy and low finish of the raw materials are also very good. The solution. Adding nano-silica (RN-HF-SP30T) to the coating can also significantly improve the opening effect, the coating is not stratified, anti-hanging, good workability, anti-fouling greatly improved, and has excellent self-cleaning and adhesion.

AppearanceWhite powder
Average particle sizenm30±10
Specific surface aream2/g150-300
Content %≥99.5
PH value4-7
Loss on ignition (%)950℃*2h≤6.0

Characters and application: 
1. Washable: Brush resistance increased from thousands of times to tens of thousands of times.
2. Weather resistance: Weather resistance can be increased by about three times, adding a certain amount of nano-silicon dioxide (RN-HF-SP30T) can make the traditional coating products anti-ultraviolet aging performance from 250 hours to more than 600 hours.
3. Anti-fouling and self-cleaning properties: The research shows that the anti-fouling and self-cleaning properties of the coating can be improved by the following ways. Firstly, the nano-silica porous structure is used to form a nano-scale geometric complementary interface structure (such as convex and concave phase) on the surface of the coating by certain technological means. Gas forms a stable gas barrier on the surface; second, surface treatment of nano-silica particles to make the surface show amphiphilic or bi-sparse, effectively improve the wettability of rain water on the surface of building coatings and dust adhesion, improve the anti-fouling and self-cleaning ability of the coating.
4. Antibacterial: In the coating, when the addition of  nano-silica (RN-HF-SP30T) exceeded 0.5%, the coating showed obvious antibacterial effect.
5. Hydrophobic anticorrosion: nano-silica (RN-HF-SP30T) hydrophobic anticorrosion coating, not only has good adhesion, corrosion resistance, but also has high density and ion permeability.
6. Transparency: nano SiO2 (RN-HF-SP30T) can ensure the transparency of nano modified coatings. A high wear-resistant transparent coating was prepared by using nano-silica (RN-HF-SP30T), and its wear resistance was increased more than 10 times.
7. Hardness: When nano SiO2 (RN-HF-SP30T) particles are uniform in organic materials and dispersed in a single particle, nano particles, like rigid chains, play a role in enhancing organic materials, thereby improving the film hardness of UV curable coatings, up to 2.5 times.
8. Thermal stability: In UV curing coatings, nano-silica can improve the glass transition temperature of the film.
9. Viscosity: the addition of nano SiO2(SP30T) can significantly improve the viscosity of coatings.
Added amount:
Practice has proved that adding 2% nano SiO2 (RN-HF-SP30T) into the coatings has the best hardness, adhesion, weathering resistance, viscosity, anti-sedimentation and stability of the coatings. The recommended dosage is 0.5 – 2%, and the individual product system can be more than 10%.
Usage method:
The dispersion of nano SiO2 can be achieved by many methods, such as milling, high-speed shearing, ball milling, grinding, ultrasonic dispersion, etc. The first two methods are more used. Nano scale silicon dioxide is added to the coating, and its dispersing steps are divided into one step method and two step method.
One-step process refers to adding nano-silica into the raw material system of the product to obtain a certain content of the product directly. One-step process is characterized by simple production process, more suitable for large-scale, single product production.
The two-step method is to disperse nano-silica in a high proportion to the raw material to prepare masterbatch, and then add the raw material to dilute to a certain proportion. The characteristics of the two-step method are that the viscosity of the system is high, the shear force is large when dispersing, and the nano-silica disperses well, so it is suitable for multi-variety production.

Pack Sizes Available :  500 gm ( Research Purposes )

( Ask for more bulk pack sizes and Industrial quantities )


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