Nano Silicon Dioxide Powder Series (Nano SiO2)

Nano silicon dioxide powder (Nano SiO2) is characterized by small particle size, many micropores, large specific surface area, high surface hydroxyl content, and strong reflectivity to ultraviolet, visible and infrared light. Especially with the improvement of the surface treatment process, the degree of soft agglomeration of nanoparticles is obviously reduced, and the compatibility with organic polymer materials is good.
1, the product is white powder, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free and chemically stable.
2, high temperature resistance, large surface area and small particle size.
3, good dispersion, suspension, vibration liquefaction.
4. It has good thixotropy.
5. It has good reinforcement and thickening effect.
6. After surface treatment, it has better hydrophilic and lipophilicity.

Technical indicators:

CodeAppearanceParticle size nmContent  %Specific surface area   m2/gPH     valueCharacteristics & Applications
RN-HF-SP15white powder15±599.8250±305-7small particle size, high content, large specific surface area and high transparency
RN-HF-SP30white powder30±599.5220±305-7good dispersion, high stability and good thixotropy
RN-HF-SP50white powder50±599.5200±305-7good dispersion, high stability and good thixotropy
RN-HF-SP80white powder80±5
RN-HF-SP100white powder100±10
RN-HF-SP200white powder200±10
RN-HF-SP300white powder300±10
RN-HF-SP500white powder500±10


white powder30±599.5150-300


5-7For coating, good dispersion can greatly improve the scrubbing resistance, strength and hardness of coatings


white powder30±599.5150-300


5-7For resin, better dispersion, can greatly improve the tensile strength, impact strength, elongation at break, thermal stability and other properties of the resin, and maintain transparency
RN-HF-SR01white powder30±599.5150-300


5-7For rubber, many hydroxyl groups on the surface and large specific surface area. It has a good reinforcing effect on rubber.


white powder30±599.5150-300


5-7For textile, Good dispersion and high activity. Suitable for sizing, and has the effect of strengthening and increasing grinding and reducing hairiness
Recommended dosage:
The recommended dosage of the product is 0.5-2%.

Packing: 1kg,5kg,10kg,50kg


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