Nano zirconium dioxide for battery

The special nanometer zirconia powder for batteries has fine size, uniform particle size distribution, no hard agglomeration and good sphericity. In the production, the content of each component is precisely controlled, the uniform mixing of particles between different components is realized, the size, shape and structure of particles are strictly controlled, and the quality of products is guaranteed. This product is used for electrode fabrication in high-performance solid-state batteries by utilizing the conductive properties of different elements doped with this product.

Nanocrystalline zirconia batteries consist of solid-state zirconia electrolyte (mostly yttrium stabilized zirconia powder, YSZ) and two platinum electrodes. Yttrium stabilized nano-zirconia powder has been widely used as an ideal electrolyte in solid oxide fuel cell because of its high oxygen ion conductivity and ideal stability in redox atmosphere. It has good market prospect and commercial value.

Technical indicators:

AppearanceWhite powder
Crystalline phase8YSZ cubic phase
ZrO2 content %86.5
Y2O3 content %13.5±0.3
surface treating agentSpecial battery treatment agent
Loss on Ignition %≤0.85
Average particle size nm50nm


1. Nano-zirconia (YSZ) for batteries is widely used to fabricate solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), oxygen sensors and microelectronic devices.

2. The special nano-zirconia has high oxygen ion conductivity, excellent mechanical properties and good redox stability at high temperature.

3. Nano-zirconia coated or dispersed on the surface of the alloy can also produce active element effect, which can significantly improve the high temperature oxidation resistance of the alloy and greatly improve the adhesion of the oxide film.

4. As an electrolyte, battery has been widely used in solid oxide fuel cells as an ideal electrolyte. Used to transfer oxygen ions produced by the reaction, ions can permeate ceramic materials at temperatures ranging from 800 to 1000 degrees Celsius.

5. Nano-zirconia is the most widely used electrolyte material at present. The long-term stability of YSZ structure and performance is very important to the reliability of SOFC system.

6. The improved zirconia concentration cell oxygen detector with nanometer zirconia for battery can effectively prolong the service life of the product, improve the accuracy and reduce the maintenance.


Packing:25 kg per barrel.

Pack Sizes Available : 500 gm ( Research Purposes )

( Ask for more bulk pack sizes and Industrial quantities )


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