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  • Nickel Coated MWCN Inner diameter: 3-5nm

Nickel Coated MWCN Inner diameter: 3-5nm

  •  Inner diameter: 3-5nm;
  • Outer Diameter: 8-15nm;
  • Length: 50um;
  • CNT content: >38wt%;
  • Ni Content: >60wt%;
  • Tap density: 0.83g/cm3;
  • Black powder.
  • Available in: 10gm.

Product Overview

Introducing our latest innovation in nanomaterial technology – Nickel-Coated Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with an inner diameter of 3-5nm. These cutting-edge MWCNTs are expertly designed to combine the remarkable structural benefits of carbon nanotubes with the enhanced electrical and magnetic properties provided by a nickel coating. Perfect for a wide range of applications, from advanced electronics to magnetic devices and energy storage solutions, our nickel-coated MWCNTs are set to revolutionize industries by offering unparalleled performance, durability, and versatility.

Key factor

  • Precision Engineered: Tailored inner diameter for specific application needs, offering high performance in targeted uses.

  • Optimized Nickel Coating: Uniform and consistent coating process ensures enhanced performance characteristics.

  • High-Quality Manufacturing: Produced with strict quality controls to guarantee material integrity and performance.

  • Environmentally Sustainable Production: Committed to eco-friendly manufacturing practices, minimizing environmental impact.


  • Electronics: Vital for developing conductive pathways in circuits and enhancing the performance of electronic devices.

  • Energy Storage: Key component in improving the efficiency and capacity of batteries and supercapacitors.

  • Magnetic Devices: Essential for creating innovative magnetic sensors and data storage technologies.

  • Catalysis: Acts as a catalyst or support in various chemical reactions, improving efficiency and selectivity.


  • Enhanced Electrical Conductivity: Nickel coating significantly boosts electrical conductivity, making these MWCNTs ideal for electronic components.

  • Magnetic Properties: Introduces magnetic capabilities, expanding potential applications in data storage and electromagnetic devices.

  • Superior Chemical Stability: The nickel coating provides additional chemical resistance, enhancing the durability of applications in corrosive environments.

  • Versatile Application Potential: From reinforcing composite materials to acting as efficient catalysts, these MWCNTs offer broad usability.


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