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  • Niobium Nano Powder; 40-60nm,60-80nm, 80-100nm, 99.9% Purity


Particle size40-60nm (RN-HW-A102); 60-80nm (RN-HW-A106); 80-100nm (RN-HW-A108)
Purity99.9%, 99.95%
CAS No.7440-03-1

Grade Standard



Electron Grade, Industrial Grade, Reagent Grade



1.Metal Niobium Powder compact oxidation film on its surface,has a one-way valve metal properties of electrically conductive.

2.Used in the manufacture of electrolytic capacitors

3.Used in Walkie-talkie

4.Used for General industrial electrical equipment.

5.Used as Alloy additives

6.Welding electrode production

7.In the nuclear reactor used as nuclear fuel coating materials,alloy additive,structure materials of heat exchange

8.Refractory materials.

Superconducting Applications: Niobium is an element of the highest critical temperature superconducting properties. The manufactured niobium alloy, the critical temperature up to absolute temperature from 18.50 to 210, is the most important superconducting material;

Super alloys: a large portion of niobium to pure metal form or in the form of high-purity niobium and niobium iron-nickel alloy, used in the production of nickel, chromium and iron-base super alloys world. These alloys can be used in jet engines, gas turbine engines, rocket components, turbochargers and heat of combustion equipment;

Steel Application: in various micro-alloying elements in steel, niobium waste is the most effective micro-alloying elements, niobium role is so great that the iron atoms are rich in niobium atom, we can achieve performance improvements Steel purposes. Actually Steel added 0.001% -0.1% niobium, is enough to change the mechanical properties of steel;

Money: On coins, gold and silver and niobium are sometimes used together as a precious metal in the coins;

Other niobium (or doped with 1% zirconium) is a high pressure sodium lamp arc tube sealing material, since thermal expansion coefficient of niobium and sintered alumina ceramic material is very similar to an arc lamp.

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