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Silver ion antibacterial and deodorant wrap Yarn

Product Features

  • Excellent antibacterial and deodorizing function, safe and non-toxic;
  • Excellent moisture wicking function and good ventilation performance;
  •  Long-lasting antibacterial effect and washing resistance. It can meet the FZ/T73023-2006 washing and antibacterial AAA grade;
  • Safe and non-irritating: It belongs to non-dissolving type antibacterial.

【Product specifications】: 4075 / 2075 antibacterial polyester black and white wrap (can be customized)

【Application range】: Making sportswear, socks, etc.

Recommended test standard: FZ/T 73023-2006 Oscillation method.

Instruction for use】: According to the ratio of 17-20%



Product Overview

The silver ion antibacterial and deodorant wrap yarn is an antibacterial masterbatch made from the spinning grade silver antibacterial powder . It is added during the spinning process and is made of antibacterial moisture wicking fiber. The fabric produced has a permanent antibacterial effect, and the design of the cross section of the fiber cross makes the fabric having strong water absorption and sweat permeability. The antibacterial wrap yarn is coated with silver-based antibacterial moisture wicking fiber and spandex (Leica), and has strong antibacterial properties.

Key factor

  • Antibacterial Efficiency: Infused with silver ions that effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms on the fabric surface.
  • Odor Control: Neutralizes odors caused by sweat and bacteria, maintaining fabric freshness throughout wear and use.
  • Long-Lasting Protection: The antibacterial and deodorant effects are deeply integrated into the yarn, enduring through multiple wash cycles without losing effectiveness.
  • Versatile Application: Compatible with various textile manufacturing processes, it can be woven or knitted into a wide range of products.


  • Sportswear and Activewear: Perfect for athletic apparel, providing athletes and fitness enthusiasts with protection against odor and bacterial growth.
  • Everyday Apparel: Integrates seamlessly into daily wear items such as socks, underwear, and t-shirts, offering all-day freshness and comfort.
  • Medical Textiles: Ideal for hospital linens, uniforms, and other healthcare textiles where antibacterial properties are essential for preventing infection.
  • Home Textiles: Enhances bedding, towels, and other home textiles with antibacterial protection and odor control for a cleaner living environment.


  • Enhanced Fabric Hygiene: Offers a proactive solution to maintain cleanliness, reducing the risk of bacterial infections and skin irritations.
  • Sustained Freshness: Keeps textiles smelling fresh, boosting wearer confidence in activewear, daily apparel, and more.
  • Eco-Friendly: By reducing the need for frequent washing, it contributes to water and energy conservation, aligning with sustainable consumption practices.
  • Diverse Usability: Suitable for everything from sportswear and intimate apparel to home textiles and medical garments, meeting diverse consumer needs.


Silver Ion Antibacterial and Deodorant Wrap Yarn represents a significant advancement in textile technology, combining the natural antimicrobial benefits of silver with high-performance yarn to meet the demands of modern consumers. Whether for sports, daily wear, or medical use, this yarn delivers unparalleled hygiene and freshness, supporting healthier, more sustainable living and wearing experiences. Choose Silver Ion Wrap Yarn for your textile products and set a new standard in fabric care and comfort.

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