Thiol Graphene (300nm)

  • Thiol Graphene;
  • Single Content: 80%;
  • Thickness: 0.6-1nm;
  • Diameter: 300nm;
  • Thiol Content: 4wt%;
  • Color: black powder

Product Overview

Our Thiol Graphene 300nm is a cutting-edge nanomaterial that marries the unparalleled properties of graphene with the chemical versatility of thiol groups. Tailored for high precision and reactivity, this product stands at the forefront of nanotechnology innovations, offering enhanced chemical functionality for a wide array of applications. From catalytic processes to the creation of advanced composites, Thiol Graphene 300nm provides the building blocks for next-generation materials and technologies.

Key factor

  • Targeted Particle Size: The specific 300nm particle size ensures consistent performance and optimal reactivity in applications where size plays a critical role in the material's functionality.
  • Chemical Reactivity: Thiol groups on the graphene surface significantly increase its ability to form bonds with metal ions and other chemical entities, broadening its utility in various fields.
  • Enhanced Solubility: Improved solubility and dispersibility in solvents, facilitating its incorporation into diverse systems and formulations.
  • Graphene’s Intrinsic Qualities: Retains graphene’s high electrical conductivity, thermal stability, and mechanical strength, offering a robust foundation for material development.


  • Broad Spectrum of Applications: Ideal for catalysis, electronics, and composite materials, where its functionalization and size specificity open up new possibilities for innovation.
  • Catalytic Enhancement: The thiol groups enable the attachment of catalysts or act as active sites themselves, improving efficiency in chemical reactions.
  • Material Development: When integrated into composites, it enhances electrical conductivity, thermal management, and mechanical properties.
  • Biomedical and Environmental Applications: Potential uses in biosensing, drug delivery, and heavy metal ion removal from water, leveraging its unique chemical interactions.


  • Catalysis: Serves as a versatile support for catalysts in organic synthesis, pollutant degradation, and electrocatalysis, enhancing reaction rates and selectivity.
  • Electronic Devices: Utilized in the fabrication of sensors, conductive inks, and flexible electronics, where its conductivity and surface chemistry are pivotal.
  • Composite Materials: Strengthens polymers, ceramics, and metals, improving their performance for aerospace, automotive, and consumer electronics applications.
  • Environmental Remediation: Applied in water treatment technologies for the detection and removal of heavy metals, benefiting from its strong affinity for metal ions.


Thiol Graphene 300nm represents a significant stride in the evolution of functionalized nanomaterials, providing scientists and engineers with a powerful tool for developing innovative solutions across a multitude of disciplines. Its combination of precise particle size, enhanced chemical reactivity, and graphene's inherent properties make it a key component for the next wave of technological advancements. Embrace the potential of Thiol Graphene 300nm to propel your projects to the cutting edge of science and industry.

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