Titanium Boride – Boron Carbide (20/80)

Along with the listed NanoCeramics many other ceramics were produced as trial batches. Basic technology permits to produce nearly any ceramic in nanosized form, thus we are expecting here the concrete wishes from our customers. We are ready to change product quality in case of special requirements.

Composition: TiB2 > 19.7%; B4C > 77%
Controlled admixtures, %: B2O3 < 0.18; C < 2.46; Fe < 0.02; Si < 0.04
Pack Sizes
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RN -PL -A-BCTB-5g5g
RN -PL -A-BCTB-25g25g
RN -PL -A-BCTB-100g100g

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