Transparent Iron Oxide Pigment

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Technical Information of iron oxide:

1. to exhibit high transparency and strong coloring.

2. Excellent chemical stability, acid-resistance and alkaline resistance.

3. Strong ultraviolet absorption ability.

4. Good disperse in water and oil system

5. Excellent ultraviolet absorption capacity, high transparency, non-toxic, no color migration.

6. Acid, alkali, light, weather.

7. Heat, water, solvent resistance.

8. Corrosion resistance: a strong corrosion resistance, compared with similar products stronger than doubled its antiseptic properties, can greatly enhance the anti-rust paint.

9. Wear: asbestos, plastic products such as: brake pads, brake pedal, etc. can improve the wear resistance.

10. Nano-iron is a new nano-materials, can be widely used in coatings, paints, inks, and chemical materials. Because of its small particle size, it has a strong UV absorption, high saturation, high color strength, transparency and other characteristics, and non-toxic, odorless, heat, acid, and therefore use is widespread.

Applications of iron oxide pigment:


That iron oxide pigments used in art coatings can keep the colour effect for a long time. therefore, the powders are widely used in outdoor advertising board and art decorations.


The most typical characteristics of transparent iron oxide pigment is the improvement of the weatherability of paint, transparency, and ultraviolet absorption performance, so it is suitable for automotive car paint, in conjunction with  aluminum pigment and pearl powder in the oil and water system, it will occur metallic flashing paint effect, and coloring effect is perfect.


The trans iron oxide pigments are bright as similar organic pigments and transparent dyestuffs, which are suitable for printing of aluminum tube. they may also be used in preparation of metallic printing inks.


Dispersion of iron oxide Powders Pigments

In order to fully show the high transparency and  coloring power of trans iron oxide, good dispersion is necessary. ideal dispersion effect depends on the dispersed technology and equipment.

To Select the appropriate binders and wetting dispersant>>>to  make into primary dispersion>>>to grind using proper grinding equipment. after full dispersion, the excellent properties of trans oxide pigments will be fully showed.

5. Due to the heat resistance of iron-red has, so for a variety of plastics, rubber, ceramics, asbestos products, coloring;

6. For rust, middle and low paint. For cement products, tile coloring;

7. In the fiber of the paste, security coatings, xerography, ink application areas are very extensive.

8. Powder coating: iron oxide nanoparticles in the temperature300 ℃color change.

9. In the medical, biological applications in the field.

10. In catalysis, sensors application.

Application of Non Magnetic Fe2O3:

1.Use as coloring in paint, rubber, plastic, construction and others inorganic pigment

2.Used for artificial marble, terrazzo stains on the ground, and asbestos, artificial leather, leather wipe light pulp and other stains and filler. Precision instruments, optical glass polishing agent and raw materials of manufacturing ferrite magnetic materials and components.

3.Electrode industry, communication machine, TV, computer and other magnetic materials and line output transformer, switch powder supply and high U and UQ ferrite core.

4. nano fe2o3 powder also as the analytical reagent, catalyst, and polishing agent, pigment ingredients.

5.Magnetic materials, pigment and for making reduction polishing agent, catalyst and used for the coloring tables icing and capsules etc.

Pack Sizes Available : 100gm, 500 gm ( Research Purposes )

( Ask for more bulk pack sizes and Industrial quantities )


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