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Ultra Fine Iron Oxide Red/Ferric Oxides (Fe2O3 ) Nanoparticles, For Magnetic Material

Particle size: 100-200nm

CaT#: RN-HW-P632

Purity: 99%

Phase: alpha

Color: browish red

MF: Fe2O3

Shape: Spherical

Other materials: Fe3O4

Properties and characteristics of the red Fe2o3 nanopowder:

Fe2O3 red with excellent physical and chemical properties. Strong coloring ability, lustre downy, stable performance, alkali resistance, weak acid and dilute acid has certain stability, excellent light resistance, weather resistance, insoluble in water and organic solvents, has excellent rust resistance infrared etc.

Alpha Fe2O3 is a corundum with stable physical properties. The mechanism of gas sensitivity is surface control

As a main solid-state gas sensitive material, nano metal oxide semiconductor gas sensors are widely used in industrial production, environmental monitoring, health care and other fields for their high sensitivity, low manufacturing cost and simple signal measurement.


1. If used in the aqueous phase, may use ultrasonic treatment to disperse, concentration of 10-20%, time 5-10 minutes.

2. If used in oil phase, may use high shear mixing to disperse.

3. If directly used as dry powder form, may use ball mill treatment to disperse.

4. The γ-Fe2O3 is resistant to a maximum temperature of 450 ° c, if it exceeds the temperature, the particles will lose magnetic property.

Application of Fe2O3 Nanopowder: 

1. catalyst.
2. Antirust additive.
3. semiconductor material.
4. polishment agent,applied in glass,gem and metal ect.
5. pigment.Applied in inking, painting  and  rubber ect.
6. gas purification, remove the hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

7.Because of the special ultra-linear magnetism of magnetic nanoparticles, it has a wide application prospect in the fields of giant magnetic resistance, magnetic liquid and magnetic recording, soft magnetism, hydromagnetic, magnetic cooling, giant magnetic impedance materials, as well as magnetic optical devices and magnetic detectors.

8. Nano-iron oxide is a new magnetic recording material, in the high magnetic recording density has excellent performance, recording density of 10 times ordinary iron oxide.

9. Magnetic sensors prepared by the giant magneto-impedance effect of iron-based nanomaterials have been developed, and magnetic fluids coated with superparamagnetic nanoparticles have also been widely used in the word navigation and some civilian fields as long-life dynamic rotary seals.

10. Soft ferrites have been widely used in radio communication, radio and television, automatic control of space navigation, radar navigation, measuring instruments, computers, printing, household appliances and biomedical fields.

11. Fe2O3 are used as pigment and coating additives to aesthetically enhance, strengthen and protect concrete and other materials. For example, iron (III) oxide is used to fill the pores in concrete and reinforce the structure so calcium chloride and magnesium chloride will not easily penetrate the concrete. This extends the longevity of the concrete.

12.Iron Oxide nanopowder(fe2o3) are used as core sand additives to improve sand quality and suppress the incidence of several sand/binder related defects for example lusterous carbon defects, surface carbon pick up in stainless steels, finning veining, piholing and orange peel defect in shell moulding sands etc.

13.Fe2O3 nanopowder also apply to the exothermics, welding rods, offshore drilling muds and colourants in both building products and brown glass beverage bottles.

14.Coloring agents. Coloring all kinds of tablets, sugar-coated pills coat coloring, coloring plastics, used in paints, rubber, plastics, construction and the edible red pigment .

15.Fe2O3 used for the  high fine grinding material, apply to the precision hardware instruments, such as optical glass polishing.

16.Used as magnetic materials for the electronic industry, communication machine, TV, computer etc.

17.Ferric Oxide Nanopowders not only use for the analytical reagent, catalyst, and polishing agent, but used in pigment ingredients.

18.Ferric Oxide Nanopowders used as anticorrosive pigments. The product is made by MIO’s rust resistance to water penetration resistance, excellent rust resistance, can replace red lead.

19.Use as coloring in paint, rubber,plastic, construction and others inorganic pigment

20.Used for artifical marble, terrazzo stains on the groud,and asbestos, artificial leather, leather wipe light pulp and other stains and filler. Precision instruments, optical glass polishing agent and raw materials of manufacturing ferrite magnetic materials and components.

21.Electrode industry, communication machine, TV, coputer and other magnetic materials and line output tranformer, switch powder supply and high U and UQ ferrite core.

22. nano fe2o3 powder also as the analytical reagent, catalyst, and polishing agent, pigment ingredients.

23.Magnetic materials, pigment and for making reduction polishing agent, catalyst and used for the coloring tables icing and capsules etc.

Iron oxider red nanopowder for sensitive materials:

1.Ultrafine Fe2O3 has semiconductor property, and its conductivity is sensitive to the temperature, humidity and gas, thus it is a potential sensitive materials.

2.Gas sensor, using of metal oxides with the surrounding atmosphere of the gas composition changes, electrical properties (such as resistance) to change the gas to detect and quantify the gas. The particle size used for the gas sensor is one to several microns. The smaller the particle size is, the larger the specific surface area is. The greater the interaction between the surface and the surrounding contact surface, the higher the sensitivity.

3.After experiment, it was found that α-Fe2O3 ultrafine powder has a good sensitivity.

4.Fe2O3 prepared by precipitation method made of gas sensors, the detection found that pure α-Fe2O3 conductivity is very small, the mass fraction of 0.5% CO less sensitive. By incorporating appropriate noble metals and carbonates and oxides, the conductivity and sensitivity can be significantly increased.

Other Applications:


2.special anti-corrosion





7.lithium batteries

8.lithium iron phosphate batteries

9.magnetic seal

10.wear-resistant materials

11.such as targeted drug.

Pack Sizes Available : 10 gm, 50 gm, 100gm, 500 gm ( Research Purposes )

( Ask for more bulk pack sizes and Industrial quantities )


The product image(s) shown is a reference for the actual product. While every effort has been made to maintain complete accuracy and up to date product information, it is important to go through details such as product labels, manufacturing details, batch, warnings, and directions before using a packaged product. For additional information,  please refer to the contact details mentioned on the label. Users are recommended to test the product before usage and the suppliers warrantee is only for the cost of product not for any incidental losses  or third party losses.

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      The product image(s) shown is a reference for the actual product. While every effort has been made to maintain complete accuracy and up to date product information, it is important to go through details such as product labels, manufacturing details, batch, warnings, and directions before using a packaged product.

      For additional information, please refer to the contact details mentioned on the label. 

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