• Carbon ash can be extracted with toluene to obtain more than 13% fullerenes.
  • The general composition of the extract is 75% C60, 22% C70 and other high fullerenes.

Product Overview

Hiyka's Charcoal Ash is a premium, eco-friendly product derived from the complete combustion of high-quality charcoal. This versatile material is known for its purity, consistency, and wide range of applications in agriculture, industrial processes, and environmental management. Our Charcoal Ash is meticulously processed to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality, offering a sustainable solution for customers across various sectors.

Key factor

High Mineral Content: Rich in essential minerals like potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium, our Charcoal Ash is an excellent soil amendment for enhancing plant growth and soil health.

pH Neutralization: Effectively raises the pH levels of acidic soils, making it ideal for improving the fertility and productivity of agricultural lands.

Odor Control: Possesses natural odor-absorbing properties, useful in animal bedding and waste management applications to mitigate unpleasant smells.

Absorbent Properties: Highly efficient in absorbing liquids and gases, making it suitable for spill clean-up, water filtration, and air purification.

Eco-Friendly: A by-product of renewable biomass, our Charcoal Ash contributes to sustainable practices by repurposing waste materials into valuable products.


Agriculture and Gardening: Enhances soil fertility and structure, provides essential nutrients to plants, and neutralizes soil acidity.

Industrial Manufacturing: Used as a raw material in the production of cement, ceramics, and certain types of concrete, offering durability and strength.

Environmental Remediation: Effective in absorbing toxins from soil and water, aiding in the clean-up of contaminated sites and improving environmental health.

Home and Garden: Ideal for use in compost piles to accelerate decomposition and as a natural pest repellent to protect plants from insects.


Waste Reduction: Utilizing charcoal ash in various applications reduces landfill waste, contributing to more sustainable waste management practices.

Soil Amendment: Charcoal ash is rich in minerals like potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium, beneficial for plant growth. It can improve soil quality, enhance nutrient content, and help neutralize acidic soils, promoting healthier plant life.

Odor Neutralizer: Due to its porous nature, charcoal ash can absorb odors, making it useful for deodorizing fridges, closets, and other spaces.


Hiyka is dedicated to providing sustainable, high-quality products that meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our Charcoal Ash is produced through environmentally responsible processes, ensuring that you receive a product not only superior in quality but also beneficial to the planet. With Hiyka's Charcoal Ash, you're choosing a product that supports your goals for sustainability, efficiency, and effectiveness.

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