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Antibacterial CuO Properties:

Although antibiotics can treat most bacterial infections, development of microbial resistance restricts the advantages of the antibacterial agents in controlling infectious diseases. This is a major challenge that poses a serious threat prompting the search for alternative strategies to treat bacterial infections.

The antibacterial process of copper oxide can be simply described as follows: under the light excitation of energy greater than the forbidden band width, the hole – electron pairs generated will interact with O2 and H2O in the environment, and the free radicals generated such as reactive oxygen species will have chemical reactions with organic molecules in cells, so as to decompose cells and achieve the purpose of antibacterial.CuO is a p-type semiconductor with holes (CuO) +, which may interact with the environment and play an antibacterial role. The results show that CuO has good bacteriostatic activity against various cariogenic bacteria, pneumonia and pseudomonas aeruginosa.

CuO Dispersion:


Concentration:10000PPM or custom

Particle size: 20-30nm, 30-50nm, or custom

CuO nanoparticles purity: 99%+

Solvent: mainly water, you can specify.

Appearance: brown black liquid


    10 / 100

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