Graphene Pressure Transducer 

Graphene Pressure Transducer (equipped with electric wire, terminal)
Graphene has a strong surface chemical activity and is suitable to be used
as a sensor material, its detection sensitivity is significantly higher than
existing materials.
Working voltage: 3-5V, hysteresis < 5%, drift < 6%,
Working temperature: -50 – +50℃
Response time < 10ms
Pressure range: 0-50kgs (optional interval 0-5kg, 6-20kg, 21-50kg)
Size: transducer outside diameter-46mm / perception area diameter-40mm
Length is 80mm, thickness is 0.24mm
Features: ultra thin, ultra flexibility, ultrahigh sensibility, induction area large
Application: sports field-foot pressure test, step counting and other functions
health field-measuring blood pressure of human body, internal tissue pressure, cushion sensor, off-bed monitoring sensor, product design and evaluation-interface pressure testing and evaluation safety monitoring, industrial detection, innovative design and scientific research experiments.
Usage: ensure voltage stability, propose maximum electric current is 2.5mA