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  • Graphene Pressure Transducer 

Graphene Pressure Transducer 

  • Graphene Pressure Transducer (equipped with electric wire, terminal)
  • Working voltage: 3-5V,
  • hysteresis < 5%,
  • drift < 6%,
  • Working temperature: -50 – +50℃
  • Response time < 10ms
  • Pressure range: 0-50kgs (optional interval 0-5kg, 6-20kg, 21-50kg)
  • Size: transducer outside diameter-46mm / perception area diameter-40mm
  • Length is 80mm, thickness is 0.24mm
  • Features: ultra thin, ultra flexibility, ultrahigh sensibility, induction area large
  • Application: sports field-foot pressure test, step counting and other functions
  • Usage: ensure voltage stability, propose maximum electric current is 2.5mA

Product Overview

Our Graphene Pressure Transducer is at the vanguard of sensing technology, incorporating the remarkable properties of graphene to offer unparalleled sensitivity and accuracy in pressure measurement. Designed for precision and reliability, this transducer is suited for a wide array of applications, from industrial process control to biomedical devices, embodying the latest advancements in nanomaterial engineering for real-world solutions.

Key factor

  • High Sensitivity: Utilizes graphene's exceptional electrical conductivity, which changes in response to the slightest pressure variations, ensuring accurate measurements.
  • Broad Operational Range: Capable of functioning across a wide spectrum of pressures, making it versatile for various industrial, environmental, and scientific applications.
  • Durability and Longevity: Graphene's inherent strength and stability contribute to the transducer's durability, offering reliable performance under harsh conditions.
  • Compact and Lightweight: The thinness of graphene allows for miniaturized designs, enabling integration into compact systems without compromising on performance.
  • Low Power Consumption: Benefits from graphene's efficiency, requiring minimal energy for operation, suitable for battery-powered and remote sensing applications.


  • Enhanced Measurement Accuracy: Offers precision in pressure readings crucial for quality control in manufacturing, atmospheric studies, and medical diagnostics.
  • Versatile Application Compatibility: Can be tailored for use in a variety of settings, including harsh industrial environments, sensitive laboratory conditions, and portable medical devices.
  • Innovative Design Possibilities: Enables the development of new sensor designs that are thinner, more flexible, and more integrated than traditional pressure transducers.
  • Eco-friendly Technology: With its low energy requirements and durable construction, it contributes to sustainable practices in technology development and use.


  • Industrial Process Monitoring: Critical for maintaining optimal conditions in manufacturing, chemical processing, and aerospace applications.
  • Environmental Sensing: Utilized in weather stations, oceanographic research, and environmental monitoring to measure atmospheric or underwater pressure.
  • Healthcare Devices: Integral to the development of wearable health monitors and diagnostic equipment, providing patients with non-invasive monitoring options.
  • Automotive Systems: Enhances safety and performance in vehicles through precise tire pressure monitoring and hydraulic systems control.


The Graphene Pressure Transducer redefines the landscape of pressure measurement technology, harnessing the unique advantages of graphene for high-performance sensing. By incorporating this transducer into your systems, you leverage the forefront of nanotechnology to achieve precise control and monitoring across a multitude of applications. Experience the future of pressure sensing with our Graphene Pressure Transducer, where innovation meets practicality.

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