Graphene thermal dissipation gel

Graphene thermal dissipation gel
it is a silicone resin-based soft thermal conductive gap filling material. which is filled between electronic components that need to be cooled and radiator to make them close contact, quickly and effectively reduce the temperature of the electronic components, so as to prolonging the service life of the electronic components and improve their reliability.

components: silica resin, graphene, ceramic
minimum interface thickness: 0.1mm
density: 3.3g/cm 3
specific heat capacity: (J/g. K) 1.1
extrusion rate: 15g/min
volatility < 0.01%
temperature Resistance Range (C) – 50~200
dielectric strength > 5.0 Kv/mm
volume resistivity: 1013 Ω.cm
thermal conductivity: 6 w/m.K
grade of flame resistance: V0

Use method: by hand or dispensing machine

Features: high thermal conductivity, low interfacial thermal resistance, good thixoplasticity, excellent wettability and softness, no stress, no settlement, no flow, can be compressed to the thinnest 0.1mm, can fill any uneven gap.

Application: used for filling the small gap between electronic components and radiators in various electronic products


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