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Graphitized Hydroxy Multi Walled Carbon Nanotube

  •  Purity: >99.9wt%;
  • -OH content: 1.53wt%;
  • Inner diameter: 5-10nm;
  • Outer Diameter: 10-20nm;
  • Length: 10-30um;
  • Specific Surface Area: >100 m2/g;
  • ASH:<0.1wt%;
  • True Density: 2.1g/cm3;
  • EC: 100S/cm;
  • Heat treatment temperature: 2800 degree Celsius;
  • Black powder.
  • Available in: 10gm.

Product Overview

Hiyka's Graphitized Hydroxy Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes represent a cutting-edge advancement in carbon nanotechnology, engineered to meet the demanding requirements of modern material science and engineering. These MWCNTs undergo a specialized graphitization process to enhance their electrical and thermal conductivity, while the introduction of hydroxy (-OH) groups on their surface significantly improves their solubility and chemical reactivity. Ideal for applications in advanced composites, energy storage, electronics, and catalysis, our graphitized hydroxy MWCNTs offer a unique combination of properties that drive innovation and performance.

Key factor

  • Superior Electrical and Thermal Conductivity: The graphitization process enhances the intrinsic conductivity of MWCNTs, making them suitable for high-performance electronic and thermal management applications.

  • Improved Dispersion and Solubility: Hydroxy functionalization increases the compatibility of MWCNTs with a variety of solvents and polymer matrices, enabling easier processing and integration.

  • Enhanced Chemical Reactivity: The presence of hydroxy groups facilitates further chemical modifications, expanding the range of potential applications.

  • Exceptional Mechanical Properties: Maintains the high tensile strength and durability characteristic of carbon nanotubes, reinforcing the performance of composite materials.

  • Versatile Application Potential: From reinforcing polymers to conducting electricity and heat, these MWCNTs are adaptable to a wide range of uses.


  • Advanced Composite Materials: Enhances the mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties of polymers and resins for automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries.

  • Energy Storage Devices: Improves the efficiency and capacity of batteries and supercapacitors, leveraging enhanced conductivity and electron transfer rates.

  • Electronics and Conductive Inks: Key for developing conductive pathways in flexible electronics and high-performance circuits.

  • Catalysis and Environmental Remediation: Utilized in catalytic processes and environmental sensors, benefiting from enhanced surface reactivity and conductivity.

  • Biomedical Applications: Explored for use in drug delivery systems and tissue engineering, leveraging biocompatibility and functionalization capabilities.


  • High-Performance Material: Delivers exceptional improvements in conductivity, mechanical strength, and thermal stability, driving forward technological advancements.
  • Chemical Versatility: Hydroxy groups enable further functionalization, allowing for tailored interactions with various chemicals and substrates.
  • Sustainable Solution: Offers a durable and effective alternative to traditional materials, supporting green technology initiatives.
  • High-Quality Manufacturing: Produced under strict quality control standards to ensure purity, uniformity, and consistency across batches.
  • Scalable for Industrial Use: Available in bulk quantities to meet the needs of large-scale manufacturing and application without compromising quality.


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