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Pure Hexagonal Boron Nitride looks like talcum powder, white and dry lubricate. It is a synthetic material which although discovered in the early 19th century.  hBN is synthetized by Melamine and Boric Acid in nitriding furnace.

Formula: BN, CAS No.: 10043-11-5, HS Code: 28500012.00

Hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) is the equivalent in structure of graphite. Like graphite its plate like microstructure and layered lattice structure give it good lubricating properties.  

GradeLN             HW       SA
Size Distribution(μm)2-44-78-124-   7     8-1213-154-78-12
Purity(BN%)98%min       99%min99.3%min
B2O3%1.0%max       0.5%max0.3%max
Tap density(g/cm3)0.2-0.3      0.25-0.350.25.35
Total O%1.5%max      1.0%max0.6%max
Crystal size1-2       |3-5          3-54-7
PurposeIndustrial lubricate,
Release coatings,
Electronics industry,
    Industrial lubricate,
     Release coatings,
   Electronics industry,
Ceramic, cBN
Industrial lubricate,
Release coatings,
Electronics industry,

Packings, 1, 10 Kgs per carton/ cardboard drum. 


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