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  • Nickel nanoparticles APS: ca. 50 nm

Nickel nanoparticles APS: ca. 50 nm

  • Average particle size: ca. 50 nm,
  • Available in Pack-Sizes: 1g, 5g.

Product Overview

Nickel nanoparticles with an average particle size (APS) of approximately 50 nm exhibit unique physical and chemical properties due to their nanoscale dimensions. These nanoparticles are commonly used in various advanced applications owing to their magnetic properties, high surface area, and catalytic capabilities.

Key factor

  • Particle Size: Approximately 50 nm.
  • Purity: Typically above 99%.
  • Surface Area: High surface area to volume ratio enhances reactivity.
  • Magnetic Properties: Strong magnetic responsiveness due to nickel’s inherent properties.
  • Stability: Good stability under various environmental conditions.


  • Catalysis: Used as catalysts in chemical reactions, particularly in hydrogenation and other reduction processes.
  • Magnetic Applications: Ideal for magnetic storage media, sensors, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents.
  • Conductive Inks: Utilized in the production of conductive inks for printed electronics.
  • Biomedical Uses: Employed in drug delivery systems, hyperthermia treatment, and as antimicrobial agents.
  • Energy Storage: Integrated into battery electrodes and supercapacitors for improved performance.


  • High Reactivity: Enhanced reactivity due to nanoscale size and high surface area.
  • Magnetic Responsiveness: Strong magnetic properties make them suitable for various magnetic applications.
  • Versatility: Applicable in a wide range of industries, including electronics, medicine, and energy.
  • Durability: Stable under diverse environmental conditions, extending shelf life and usability.


Stringent quality control ensures consistent particle size and purity. Extensive experience in nanomaterials production and application. Dedicated support for product selection and application guidance. Commitment to ongoing research and development in nanotechnology.

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