Alpha Aluminium Oxide Nanoparticles,

Alpha aluminum oxide nanoparticle , which can be used in functional ceramics, structural ceramics and transparent ceramics, textile machinery ceramic and electronic ceramics.the superplastic of nano alumina powder solved the low temperature brittleness faults, especially al2o3-sic nano composite materials is the most significant and the flexural strength from 300-400 Mpa to 1 Gpa, fracture toughness of material is more than 40%. adding aluminum oxide nanoparticle to ceramic substrate can not only improve the performance of sintering on the substrate, also greatly improve the thermal stability of alumina substrate materials.

RN-HW-A-AlO, 80nm

MF Al2O3
 CAS No 1344-28-1
 HS code 2818200000
 Shape Spherical
 Size 100-200nm
 Purity 99.99%
 Phase Alpha
 Color white

Alpha Aluminum Oxide Nanopowders Application:

1.  Thermal insulation composite materials.

2.  High voltage introducing rods insulator materials. The resulting high-pressure introduction rod has excellent acid corrosion resistance and electrical properties, high mechanical strength.

3.  Nano ceramic material. In the precision of nanometer ceramic production, nanometer alumina powder sintering precision ceramic products, the quality especially the strength greatly increased.

4.  Ceramic additives. Because of the addition of nano Al2O3 powder, solve the ceramic brittleness at low temperature, which can be made into low temperature plasticity of alumina ceramics.

5.  Dispersion strengthened materials. Alumina is often used as a structural material dispersed phase to enhance the strength of the      base material.

Properties achieved when used in coatings:

1 Reduce static charge generation;

2 Improve the fluidity of the powder;

3 Improve processability in the extruder;

4 Avoid moisture absorption and prolong storage stability;

5 Increase rheological properties and corner coverage on the substrate.

Properties achieved when used in Li-ion battery separator coatings:

The nano alumina ceramic coating provides a skeleton for the flexible separator, improves the wear resistance of the separator, prevents lithium dendrite from piercing, reduces heat shrinkage, improves temperature resistance, and the pores are stable with temperature, which can effectively improve the safety performance of the battery.

* The main requirements for nano alumina powder for separator ceramic coating are:

1.High chemical purity (99.5-99.99%);

2.The particle size is superfine, the particle size distribution is narrow, the deposited pores are uniform, and the pore permeability is high;

3.The particle shape is like spherical, the crystallinity is high, the specific surface area is small, the oil absorption rate is low, the coating process is effectively improved, and the coating is thin and uniform.

Properties Of AlO when used as thermal conductive filler:

It should put the heat conduction in the first place when heat dissipation of high power LED encapsulation is designed, because the heat conduct to the radiator from the LED packaging module first. Therefore the bonding material, substrate is the key link of the LED heat dissipation technology. Bonded materials mainly include thermal conductive glue, conductive silver slurry and alloy solder. Thermal conductive adhesive is to add some of the high thermal conductivity filler to the matrix, such as SiC, A1N, A12O3, SiO2, to improve the thermal conductivity. the alpha nano alumina thermal conductive powder that HW NANO produces, high spheroidization rate, the small particle size, high purity, high thermal conductivity, used for thermal conductive filler such as epoxy resin, rubber, plastics, semiconductor packaging. Alpha nano alumina, al2o3, particle size 200nm, 300nm, 500nm, 800nm, 1um… white solid powder, they are are all available with small quantity for researchers and bulk order for industry groups. 1kg per bags or 25kg per bucket or as needed for packing.

  • Areas application of nano alumina as thermal conductive powder:

1. Thermal plastic: Adding the alumina powder can increase the coefficient of thermal conductivity of polypropylene (PP), and the coefficient of thermal conductivity of alumina/PP composite materials increase with the increase of dosage of thermal conductivity of alumina powder.

2. Thermal conductive silicone rubber: Add the nano alumina powder can improve the coefficient of thermal conductivity of silicone rubber, and will not affect the transparency, appropriate adding quantity can make the coefficient of thermal conductivity of silicone rubber arrive 1.48-2 W/(m • K).

3. Heat conduction glue adhesion agent, such as agent of epoxy resin, epoxy resin, the thermal conductive coatings, etc., to add the alumina powder can make the coefficient of thermal conductivity arrive 0.6 W/(m • K) above.

4. Organic silicon thermal binder and mixture filler, radiator, radiator substrate with filler (MC), thermal oil, phase change, semiconductor packaging resin.

  • Nano Alumina/Nano Aluminium Oxide as Ceramic Cutting Tool

1.Different characteristics between Alumina and other tool materials are: a stable alumina chemical properties, excellent oxidation resistance, even if it is at the cutting edge and become red hot, it still can work for a long time. Alumina ceramic tool is particularly suitable for high-speed cutting and heating cutting.

2.Due to poor wettability of alumina to the majority of metals, it is difficult to bond with the metal, in the cutting performance of low coefficient of friction, cutting force is small, easy to BUE and adhesive wear, so easy to get it working high light cleansing.

3. Alumina is the most of all the tool material inactive, you can reduce the spread of the cutting tool wear, Al2O3 dissolution rate of iron than WC 4 to 5 times lower, thus alumina ceramic cutting tool wear when steel rate than the WC-based cemented carbide cutting tools as small as a few times to magnitude.

4.The use of alumina ceramic tool suitable for high-speed cutting and high wear resistance characteristics of processed bulky. Alumina suitable for processing most metallic materials, especially suitable for cutting hardened steel or chilled cast iron, material used for these fine cars instead of grinding can achieve significant technical and economic benefits. Alumina at high temperature to maintain high hardness, the cutting speed up to 1300 m / min.

Currently the Alumina ceramic tool is mainly used for semi-finishing and fine cutting, fine cutting its accuracy and finish suitable for hard materials to car instead of grinding, and improve processing efficiency several times, processing costs can be reduced by more than half, so the alumina ceramic cutting tool is very popular.

  • Application for activated alumina nano powders for pressure swing adsorption:

1. The activated nano-alumina is a porous, high dispersion of solid materials, a large surface area, with its porous surface catalysis of the required characteristics, such as adsorption, surface activity, good thermal stability, etc., it is widely used as chemical reaction catalysts and catalyst supports.

2. Activated Alumina uniform size, smooth surface, high mechanical strength, moisture absorption, no swelling after absorbing maintain the status quo does not crack, is a water-efficient desiccant drying trace depth is ideal for non-thermal regeneration device, except with desiccant, can also be used in low temperature and room temperature adsorption systems. And a wide variety of molecular adsorption, especially for pressure swing adsorption system.

3. Activated alumina can be adsorbed transformer oils, acids generated when freezing lubricating agents used as de-acid regeneration agent, in addition to effectively remove fluoride in drinking water, or by fluorine absorption of air pollution, as fluoride agent.

  • nano aluminum oxide as an strengthening agent:

1.Cemamic material, high preesure sodium lamp EP-ROM window.

2.High strength alumina ceramic, C substrate, packaging materials, cutting tool, high purity crucible, around the spool, bombarding target, furnace tube.

3.Be widely used in all kinds of plastic, rubber, reinforcing toughening ceramic products, especially improve the density of ceramic, degree of finish, cold and hot fatigue resistance, fracture toughening creep resistance and wear resistance of polymer materials products particularly remarkable.

4.High resistivity, have good insulation performance, it can be applied to YGA laser crystal of main components and integration in the substrate.

5.Catalyst, catalytic carrier, analytical reagent.

  • Adding nano alumina powders to insulators, insulation performance is better:

Nano Alumina Powder have good insulation performance, is widely used in insulation products such as plastics, rubber, ceramic, coating,etc, the main application fields:

1.  Insulation paint, coating. That nano alumina powders is added in the coating can improve the density and the dielectric breakdown strength of coating, composite insulation performance is the best.
2. Thermal insulation composite material: adding nano alumina in the resin, plastic, rubber, insulation and thermal conductivity have obvious improve, insulation performance can be increased by more than three times, and formed the network chain of thermal conductivity.

3.  For lithium battery in the electric car, laptop battery, adding alpha nano alumina between the positive and negative is used electrical insulator sealing, improve safety performance.

RN-HW-A-N615, 300nm,99.7%

RN-HW-A-N616, 500nm,99.7%

RN-HW-A-N61, 1um,99.7%

Appearance: black powder


Nano-alumina is widely used in chemical industry because of its special properties.

Pharmaceuticals, catalysts and their carriers, ceramics and other fields.

Application in ceramics Precision ceramics made of nano-alumina powder have similar metal plasticity and toughness, light weight, especially high strength. Adding a small amount of micro-or nano-alumina to conventional ceramics matrix can double the mechanical properties of materials, improve the toughness of ceramics and reduce the sintering temperature.

Pack Sizes Available :  500 gm ( Research Purposes )

( Ask for more bulk pack sizes and Industrial quantities )


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