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Fluorescent Nanocrystals

Our range of semiconductor grade fluorescent nanocrystals/quantum dots  has the potential to be used in numerous applications in the field of nanoelectronics and opto-electronics.

Applications include photovoltaics (light capturing materials), solid state LED lighting, biodiagnostics (lab-on a chip), laser applications, fluorescent probes, memory devices, photodetectors, and multiplexing sensors.

Our quantum dots are available both in organic soluble (oleic acid surface) and water soluble (carboxyl, amine & hydroxyl surfaces) formats.


  • Sharp Emission Peaks
  • Photostable (no bleaching)
  • Same size regardless of emission wavelength (5.5-6.5nm).
  • Functionalized with Advanced Isolation Mechanism (AIM) Technology.
  • AIM Technology allows for functionalization without significant loss in quantum efficiency.
  • Functionalized without a significant increase in quantum dot size or compromised stability.

Quantum dot emission spectra

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