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  • fluorescent nanocrystals with alkyl ligand surface- 450 nm emission

Emission: 450nm
Surface Functionality: Alkyl
Diameter: 5.5-6.5nm
Solvent: Toluene
Quantity: 10mg (20nmol)


The vial(s) contains CdSxSe1-x/ZnS core/shell fluorescent nanocrystals with alkyl ligand surface.


  • Unlike traditional quantum dots, emission wavelength is tunable by composition rather than size.
  • Proprietary surface passivation and ligand technology isolates the core from oxygen and harmful ions that can degrade quantum dot performance over time.
  • Photostable (no bleaching)
  • Narrow and sharp emission peaks
  • All colors equally bright
  • Comparable quantum efficiencies (50%) throughout the visible spectrum
  • Semiconductor Grade
  • pH Neutral

Storage & StabilityThe nanocrystals should be stored in the dark at 4oC. The shelf life is approximately one year under these conditions.

Nanocrystals may be isolated by using a polar solvent/nonpolar solvent precipitation method. Normally, methanol is used as the polar solvent. Nanocrystals will begin to precipitate at 30-40% methanol in toluene. Additional surface modification is necessary to impart water solubility.


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